Bio image of Mike Walsh

If you could do one thing in all 50 states, what would it be?

For Mike Walsh, the answer was simple: bowl. Propelled by a curiosity to see America through a common, if beer-framed, lens, he quits his job and sets out to meet the people who populate the country’s bowling alleys. His adventure becomes much more than a simple bowling trip as he veers beyond the game’s ten frames and into the heart of America.

MIKE WALSH is one of the world’s leading authorities on the geographic nuances of rented footwear. A graduate of Miami University, he grew up in a family of six children in Upper Arlington, Ohio. He and his wife Amy reside in Chicago within walking distance of four bowling alleys.

BOWLING ACROSS AMERICA is his first book.

Nachos Consumed: 61 Miles added to mom's car: 25,211 Rented shoes worn: 65