Fifty States in Rented Shoes

If you could do one thing in all 50 states,
what would it be?

For Mike Walsh, the answer was simple: bowl. Propelled by a curiosity to see America through a common, if beer-framed, lens, he quits his job and sets out to meet the people who populate the country’s bowling alleys. His adventure becomes much more than a simple bowling trip as he veers beyond the game’s ten frames and into the heart of America. The resulting book, BOWLING ACROSS AMERICA: 50 States in Rented Shoes, is in bookstores now.

The most exciting two minutes on television

Off to the Twin Cities October 25 for Opus & Olives, a benefit for the St. Paul Public Library. I’ll be emceeing an evening of cocktails, dinner and conversations with four legitimate authors, plus me.

A beloved character from BAA passes on

Sad goodbyes and photos from the book tour are here.

Reviews for BAA: “Superb!” “A solid B+!” “Clever enough!”

They can’t all be right…highlights are here.

Nachos Consumed: 61 Miles added to mom's car: 25,211 Rented shoes worn: 65